Would you trade Murray for Prescott straight up?


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Aug 22, 2003
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I mean we’re all clearly Cardinal homers. As evidenced by the results of this silly question. There is no objective way anyone can say that KM is a better QB than Dak. Literally none.

Dak has a better overall career Comp %, better YPA, Better QB rating, Better TD/Int ratio etc etc etc…. It’s really not even that close. Dak isn’t as mobile but Kyler has been shying away from using that as a weapon as of late so not really as big a factor imo. They have both had major leg injuries at one point in their careers already.

If they both were the same age I would 100% pick Dak. But being that Kyler is about a half a decade younger and still hopefully on the upswing? I’ll still take Kyler.
The only argument that makes sense.