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May 13, 2002
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Aug 20, 1973 (Age: 47)
Las Vegas

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Current STAR, 47, from Las Vegas

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May 14, 2021 at 10:52 PM
    1. cardncubfan
      Hey Shane, I'm going to be in Vegas Sept 13-18th. My brother is flying in to meet me. He's a fellow LEO. 30+ years. We plan on going to a casino on Sunday to watch the football games. It would be great if you could join us for a beer or two.
    2. ajcardfan

      Will you please answer why you support Trump so rabidly? White supremacists have killed more cops And Americans than Islamic radicals have since 01. But, he wants to take white supremacists off of the agency that monitors terrorism to focus.on Islamic terrorism. Including.syrian and Somalia refugees.that.have yet to hurt a.cop.or a citizen
    3. AZ Native
      AZ Native
      Just a question, do you like classic cars?
    4. Longcolts
      I hope you don't mind a professional question. I haven't for a long time seen you in a photo of you in uniform, so I'm making a guess that you probably carry a Hi-cap Glock 9 mil. Other than the ability to put a lot of rounds down range what would be your reasoning for not carrying a .45. You can't be carrying a 9mm for knock down power. The reason I ask as a former Military Policeman I carried the M1911A1 for a couple of reasons. It was the only handgun issued by the Army back then, I liked the knock down ability it had. I had the opportunity to fire the 92F that the Army switched to and didn't like it near as well. Does you're department give you the option as to which service weapon you carry? If so why would you select a 9mm over a .45 leaving the Hi-cap ability out of the equation. This is of course a random question because since I've become disabled random questions seem to be what I do best these days! :)
    5. desertdawg
      Thanks man.
    6. TJ
      You should change your page's profile picture. Unless you are having separation anxiety :D
    7. DemsMyBoys
      Thanks for the fix, Shane!
    8. red desert
      red desert
      Shane - (thought i had sent you this a couple of weeks ago, but I guess not)

      Anyway, what are the odds in nev for the cards repeating as nfc champs and winning super bowl?
    9. lauraw
      thank you MrShane for saving a woman's sanity on this board..First time I go fot it, Lose my behind in a Major way..Won't do that twice!! Thank thank thank you for your patience with me!!! Love, Lauraw
    10. OmeneX
      Dude.. Shane. Thanks for making me back you up on the whole "Putt Matty in" and then him coming out and blowing it all up. CHI vs ARZ Like he's the Deathstar or something. Just sayin'.

      :) Nah on the real. Thanks for the friend add. See you on the boards my brotha.
    11. DemsMyBoys
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You know I always liked you best.
    12. Southpaw
      Good morning DBJ and Shane. I screwed up when I settled the VBookie event with Wisconsin and Ohio State and designated the Over 47 points as a winner, when it should have been under 47 points. Is there any way to edit the settle bets?
    13. Doug
      Thanks for giving me some fun along with the $$$.I still want to pay you for it or give you your favorite football card if your into something like that.I have the rarest of the rare.Got my heart racing and WE are'nt even playing today.Dumb onsides kick.LMAO
    14. PoolBoy
      thanks for the cash. Was it cause i stuck up for Q in the "we hate Q because he doesn't put his workout regime on twitter" thread?
    15. cgolden
      Thanks for the A$FN. Not sure what I did to get it but I'm not complaining either.
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    Aug 20, 1973 (Age: 47)
    Las Vegas