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May 8, 2002
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Nov 9, 2006
    1. Delmar M Lewis
      Delmar M Lewis
      Y'all may want to take a look at fartblossom a.nd me are saying to each other in the thread Why Murray will Fail on the Cardinals Forum
    2. Prospects1500
      Hi there. I posted this morning but didn't realize we couldn't promote our site. Sorry about that. My Alert says the post was moved to a different forum, but I can't find it anywhere. Which forum? And when I click on the link to the post it shows an error and I don't see my post. Is it deleted? Please advise, and again, sorry. Won't do that again. -Scott
    3. BC867
      Hi. I thought I read that when I renewed my contribution, I would automatically be logged in, as I was in the past. But, since I got my new computer, I have to log in to each site that I frequent each time -- the D-backs, the Mercury and the Suns. At worst, once I log in for one, shouldn't I be logged in for all? I did check the box which says to keep me logged in.
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