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    1. Mainstreet
      Dear Chris,

      JCSunsfan put up a thread about Jay Wright rumored to be a candidate for the Suns head coach position while I was preparing a similar thread that went up shortly thereafter (about who the Suns new head coach might be). Can you take my thread down or combine these threads?

      Thanks so much,

    2. cheesebeef
      Hey Chris... can I make a suggestion for the Politics board? Can you suggest to NeverSayDie that he make one END OF TIMES/Conspiracy theory thread where he can drop all his "knowledge" on anyone who wants to read it. Feels like I'm being inundated by a cult every time I go to the board and he's got three different threads up telling us we're all gonna die. Just a thought.

      and congrats on the new-born!!!
    3. Mainstreet
      Dear Chris,

      I mistakenly made two threads titled, "Suns sign Seth Curry to 10 day contract." I have made note of which thread is the duplicate in the thread. If you would kindly remove the duplicate thread and move Errntknght's post to the primary thread of the same title I would appreciate it.

      Many Thanks,

    4. UncleChris
      Hello, sir! I re-upped with my $18.95 as an ASFN Contributor yesterday via PayPal. How long will it be before it takes effect? Just curious.

    5. Jim Hart
      Jim Hart
      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for reinstating me.

      Am to self-impose an additional 30 Time-Out on myself -

      Incredibly embarrassed, and sorry for my behavior. Did not intend to disrespect you, DuckJake, or, the forum.

      Not an excuse at all, just became fed up hearing how terrible we are, throughout the day after such a great win. On me, completely.

      If you'd like me to apologize to Jake, and/or the forum just say so and I'll do it.

      See you in 30, will lurk until then.


      PS We'll go minimum of 4-5 over the next 5. :p

      Thank you again for not tossing me completely to the curb. J.
    6. red desert
      red desert
      Top 5 conspiracy theory thread...

      If it were I that called someone a prick, would there be a ban? Just saying...
    7. cheesebeef
      Hey Chris,

      Good seeing you as always on Sunday! I was wondering if you could sticky something on the Cards board tomorrow for me. Tomorrow night's the season finale of Necessary Roughness and not sure if you know this or not from having visited the tv board, but i co-wrote the season finale. now, knowing that the TV section doesn't get the most play, since Roughness is about football and since it's one of the board's own writing on it, i was hoping you guys could sticky a thread on the Cards board where everyone I know can be alerted that it will be on. Without giving anything away, let's just say anyone who reads the board will get a kick out of certain moments I've written into the script. And i don't care if people slam the show or praise it on the thread... it's all good theater to read. I'd just to love to let everyone on the board know and be able to read their feedback. Thanks!

    8. BC867

      My avatar no longer shows that I am a paid contributor, but when I went in to contribute again, it says that it is renewed automatically.

      Will you be doing that through Paypal or should I enter all the info again? I don't want to be double-billed, of course.

    9. Chris_Sanders
      I can not delete accounts
    10. Cards_Campos
      delete my account please...I am tired of complaining like many others and constantly getting singled out...No worries...It a wonder the Cards are ranked dead last in fan support. I will support them from my home. Please delete my account....thank you...You will ban me anyway...might as well to it permanently.
    11. Doug
      Why can't I post?Am I banned for life?
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