Round One Conundrums


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Aug 11, 2002
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Concerning RBs, I think we have to consider that Connor gained half of his rushing yards (514) in the last 5 games of the season. It took him 8 games to gain the other 526 yards. Is that a reflection of much better run blocking by the Oline or a sudden renaissance by Connor? I myself credit it more to the Oline than Connor suddenly becoming a top 10-15 running back. Connor's strength is his size (233 lbs.) which allows him to run over smaller DBs once he gets to the second level.

I still believe that there will be little movement in the RB room by the team. It doesn't mean I believe that there isn't a need to add a second RB that compliments Connor. Look at Detroit with Montgomery and Gibbs. Almost 2,000 yards between them. The team still needs a back with a skill set like Gibbs.
Kyler might have helped some.


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May 18, 2002
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Guess what round he was drafted in?
Sure, but you could also sit here and tell me that we should pass on MHJ because we're certain to get our own Puka Nacua. It's a complete outlier that Kyren hit for them.

We haven't drafted a regular starter at any position in the 4th round or further since 2015. And RBs in the 4th and beyond barely ever hit. Go do the math.