hello...I feel very happy for Suns fans in Arizona

Apr 21, 2022
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... because Mr. Ishbia apparently saw fit to put Suns games back on broadcast television so people without cable may see them. That, after roughly twenty years of the games usually being locked away on cable because Robert Sarver was a money-grubber. If I still lived in Arizona, I would seriously consider calling myself a fan again. Because, after all, Robert Sarver and his staff are why I walked away in the first place. I believe that they treated several coaches and assistants--some of whom are beloved Suns legends--disrespectfully, and I resented that. (I also suspect--I can never be certain--that they never fully supported the Goran Dragic/Eric Bledsoe/coach Jeff Hornacek era; and I resent that too, because I found the 2013-14 team inspiring.)

Anyway, I'm so pleased at Ishbia's actions that the only real reason I don't call myself a Suns fan again is because I no longer live in Arizona anyway. Earlier in 2023, I moved to a certain state that has no NBA team. (Or any other professional sports team. People around here seem to consider it only a football state. However, at my place of employment, I have more than once seen customers wearing Devin Booker jerseys/shirts, and it filled me with pride. :D ) Even considering that Kevin Durant feels just a big rental to me (mainly because, like Chris Paul, he's fairly old and is here only because he thinks Devin Booker will help him chase a ring), it seems a good time for Suns fans. I have to tell you, even though I obviously couldn't get the Channel 3 broadcast and see this, I was awed that Ishbia's staff brought back what I understand is the Channel 45-era musical theme or some approximation thereof.
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Oct 19, 2003
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A lot of Suns fans live out of state. Please consider yourself a Suns fan if you like. We would welcome it.