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    1. GuernseyCard

      When you have a moment, please shut/delete my account on your site.

    2. MoeIsBetter
      Hey Shaggy my name is Moe. I created my account a long time ago and since then I've established a new internet name. Is there a way to change my username to Moestradamis?
    3. BC867
      Is there any way I can adjust the font size on all of the posts I see routinely? Or your screen? Despite my tri-focals, I am squinting. I know I can adjust the size when I post, but this is about the posts as I read all of them. Thanks.
    4. AZ Native
      AZ Native
      Hi. I just posted a video on the "Post a Youtube video, any Youtube video" thread. But it is so funny and could apply to some on this board. Is there anywhere else it can be posted so more can see it. Here it is:
    5. BC867
      Lately when I enter ASFN, I get a message in red in the URL box at the top saying, "Website not secure". I wonder if that is from your side or mine. If need be, please pass this on to your technical people. Thanks, Shaggy.
    6. Harry
      Somebody posted a sales ad on fiber. Nice job with the board. I’m amazed it’s stayed so active in a down year. I don’t have Dave Te’s email any more. You might want to send him a note and ask him if he’s posting draft stuff anywhere this year. He lost his love awhile back now and has really withdrawn from the scene. Maybe some prompting would be good for him. Take care, Happy Thanksgiving
    7. BC867
      Please look into the "How good is Booker?" thread on the Suns forum. Pokerface has turned it into a sham with his tanking campaign. You'll see Pokerface lying, then finally admitting and rationalizing his sarcastic comments encouraging the Suns to constantly lose. It has become an overbearing. spectacle. Most posters find it depressing. Please get involved. Thanks.
    8. Brighteyes
      Hi Shaggy - If you really want access, try contacting Mike Helm, Media Relations. He's on their website.

      Show him the number of fans here, & try going for a small slice - a weekly feature with a specific fan-friendly angle. If that works out, who knows where it will lead?

      They really want to communicate with their fans, after all.
    9. Cards_Campos
      Please ..look at my current thread. Listen I understand I can't be dropping F bombs but it is amazing the fans on this board. Many are antagonist who personally attack. I have displayed opinions no different then many fans here. Add an option that when you block someone they cant even read a thread from the person. Posting from a mobile device is hard when you are mad and doing it fast. Thanks for your time.
    10. BC867
      Hi. I thought I read that when I renewed my contribution, I would automatically be logged in, as I was in the past. But, since I got my new computer, I have to log in to each site that I frequent each time -- the D-backs, the Mercury and the Suns. At worst, once I log in for one, shouldn't I be logged in for all? I did check the box which says to keep me logged in.
    11. Harold Seattle
      Harold Seattle
      Your other site seems to be down.
    12. Harry
      Sorry, I can't help. I just post and don't even have any idea who owns the board these days. The guys I knew have long gone. I'm just too old to move. I just asked for some help on ads they now have as they were knocking me off. I used the contact link which I think was on the main screen. Have a nice holiday.
    13. BIGRED1959
      Hello good sir! What is the mailing address for this board? I am running into a moral dilemma with one of your mods and I would like to know if I intend on securing legal council that i could have a formal telephone number and address. I come in peace, very much hoping there can be a resolve but also I feel the urgency to "get my ducks in a row" if need be.

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