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May 13, 2002
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With the Cardinals filling several holes during FA, they have the luxury to pretty much go for the BPA who would instantly help this team with their first round pick. I would consider trading out of #8 only if they are able to remain in the top 15 picks and land a 2nd round pick. With that said I think if they stay put they go OL with their first pick.

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Round 1) Jedrick Wills - OT - Alabama

6'4" 312lbs

Wills is the most complete OT in the draft IMO. He is fundamentally sound and ready to start DAY ONE at Right Tackle. By selecting Wills the Cardinals will have their bookend OTs set for at least the next 3 years. It isn't the sexy pick but it will set up the Cardinals offense to be successful for years to come.

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Round 3) Rashard Lawrence - DT - LSU

6'2" 308lbs

Another stud DL from LSU who decided to stay in school for his senior year. I remember watching him reek havoc against UCF when I attended the Fiesta Bowl a couple of years ago where he was awarded Defensive player of the game. Not only is this kid a stud player, but he also is a team leader who is well respected in the locker room. The fans will love him as well.

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Round 4 Pick 1) Denzel Mims - WR - Baylor

6'3" 207lbs

Mims is a big receiver with speed. He has an insane catch radius and is a huge red zone threat. Hakeem Butler is put on notice with this pick as Mims could end up knocking him off the roster.

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Round 4 pick 2) Darrynton Evans - RB - Appl St

5'10" 203lbs

After Keim was somehow able to dupe BOB into trading for David Johnson and his terrible contract, I started looking at RBs who may be available for the Cardinals in the Draft. When I started watching film on Evans I instantly fell in love. This kid is an elusive runner who is a playmaker waiting to happen. Go watch some highlights on this kid and you won't be disappointed!

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Round 6) L'Jarius Sneed - CB - La Tech

6'0" 192lbs

The Cardinals like their defensive backs with good size and length. Sneed is a bit of a project but has shown good instincts and versatility to play multiple positions that the Cardinals also covet.

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Round 7) JR Reed - S - Georgia

6'1" 202lbs

His physical numbers are not impressive which will cause him to fall in the draft farther than expected. However he is an instinctual player who uses his football intelligence to succeed.


Apr 7, 2004
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We addressed WR with Hopkins and we have 3 in Butler, Isabella and Johnson that we are still evaluating. WR room is full. Too many other needs to draft another WR.
I’d rather see multiple O lineman. We were lucky with OL injuries last year however with 3 or 4 veteran starters, we are pushing our luck. Quality depth is needed!

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