Draft Possibility: Texans Trade for Lamar


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Feb 14, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
If the Ravens only get a single first round pick (even if it's the guaranteed #2) for an MVP caliber QB still in his twenties - the Ravens got took
I said #2 and a player. Obviously Lamar is doing what he can to ratchet down his trade value so he can land on a new team and get a new contract.

I just don’t really know what people are expecting to get for some of these picks. If you can get a deal swing where we give up our #3 pick and our third round pick and get back #4 and a second-rounder, that’s a good deal.

Teams don’t really do 2-for-1 trade’s anymore. You’re not getting a 1 and two 2s for the #3 overall pick.
We know that Lamar works in Baltimore. We also know that the is hurt pretty much every year.

How long can Lamar sustain his level of play?
Boo to this.