Casting or mirroring?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Russ Smith, Oct 1, 2020.

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    I bought a Mirascreen 5G dual band wireless display receiver. The instructions are terrible. I downloaded the app on my win 10 PC and I finally figured out how to mirror from the PC to my tv with the dongle plugged into the tv but it has lag. Near as I can tell what's happening is the Miracast creates it's own wifi and then the app on the computer uses that wifi to project the picture from the computer to the tv?

    From the comments on Amazon and what I got from the instructions you are supposed to be able to program it to use your wifi so you get the speed of your wifi to remove the lag. When I do setting it goes to and then brings up settings. The top one is internet and has my wifi name, the next one has the name of the device with it's SID, then the password for the device. From the instructions I feel like I'm supposed to click on my wifi name so I do, it asks for the password so I put it in, and then on the tv screen on my tv it switches from the device name to my wifi name. The problem is it always says "bad connection" so the only way I can actually cast to the tv is using the wifi for the device, not my own. Or it just tells me to wait and then never connects.

    I tried to do it from my phone first and I never figured out how I could connect the phone but no clue how to cast from it.

    People on Amazon are saying they didn't even have to download an app it was just plug and play, not my experience at all. Anybody with something like this have a clue what I'm doing wrong? One of the complaints on Amazon says this doesn't work you connect to it's wifi but you can't connect it to yours which is my issue. Another said to enable media streaming which I did do. If I just select cast from my computer it doesn't list my tv or the device so it doesn't know they're there unless you use the miracast app. That knows it's there but can only cast to it when I'm connected to the device wifi, not my own.

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    Hmm. How far is your wifi router from the TV you're connecting to? Are you using 2.4 or 5GHz wifi?

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