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    2018 Offensive Line: Hoping it wouldn't happen, but it did

    Pugh was always hurt while in NY, and only mediocre when he could play. I was glad to see him leave, but not so glad to see the Cards sign him
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    UPDATE: OL Justin Pugh signs with Cards

    Pugh played poorly at RT, that's why he was moved to guard. He's an ordinary player, often injured. NY, with a lousy OL, had no interest in retaining him and nobody has swooped in after 4 days to grab him. I have no interest in the Cards signing him, especially to the kind of contract he's...
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    Interesting Rumor

    Nobody will know what the Giants want to do until they hire a new GM and coach.
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    Breakout Season

    I'm hoping Niklas I really liked him out of college and I'll be disappointed if he's a but. But he needs to step up this year.
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    Hakeem Valles - Matt Waldman breakdown

    lol, if they just showed each highlight once it would have been a 2 minute video instead of 6
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    Happy Birthday Linderbee!

    . Happy birthday from someone not named Brian
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    Cards contact FA CB Prince Amukamara

    Rogers-Cromartie was the #1. Prince is good in run support. I don't know if it's the scheme or not, but he usually gives a pretty big cushion- lots of passes completed under him. Very few INTs. And he's missed 20% of his games in NY with injuries.
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    Miami Pulled Tag Oliver Vernon

    Because you need 2 good DEs, maybe? Along with Hankins and Damon Harrison, the Giants have gone from a DL that sucked to one that can be pretty good against both run and pass. Which will make their LBs and DBs look better. I'm not sure Vernon is worth that money, but Ayers wanted $10M and...
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    NY Giants to sign CB Janoris Jenkins

    His agent was asking for $10M. And he's missed 20% of his games, lifetime.
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    NY Giants to sign CB Janoris Jenkins

    Giants supposedly looking at Bobby Massie
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    Offical 2016 Free Agent Thread

    Nothing like mocking a person with a disability, huh, guys?
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    2016 Arizona Cardinals Roster Blueprint

    Anything that starts with 2 specific trades is going nowhere. Victor Ochi in the 2nd? Stony Brook is a lousy football school. The Giants picked up UDFA Will Tye from there, but he had been recruited by Florida State. CBS Sports has Ochi listed as the 15th DE and a 5th round pick.
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    Is Carson Palmer a HOF QB?

    Eli Manning has won 2 SBs and lots of people don't think he's a HOF QB. Decent QBs on bad teams have padded stats because they're always behind and throwing the ball to catch up. Palmer is a good QB, but not HOF imo
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    Deone at linebacker

    Instinct, by definition, is something you are born with. So, no, it can't be taught
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    No. 11 Florida picks dental student as backup kicker (Yahoo Sports)

    Not that I see why being a dental student matters at all, the person in the story is studying to be a dental ceramist, not a dentist, so the title is totally misleading

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