My take on Kyler, Kliff and Keim


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Jan 10, 2019
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I’ll give a summary about each of the 3 & where I stand:

Kyler - He looks broken. This is not what you want to see from a QB that just signed a huge extension. Does he seem content where he’s at? That could be possible. Could he be un-coachable? That also could be possible. Could he be toxic as well? There are signs showing he could be. However, we will never know until we bring a different regime that will get a better feel when it comes to him. If he stays like this with a new regime, then obviously, you try to trade him to the highest bidder. I do believe his dad plays a part in his personality than some would believe. From his arrogance to his God-like personality. You look up information about Jalen Hurts’ dad & see the person he has molded Jalen to be. Also helps having Nick Saban as a boss. Kyler needs to be checked. Lincoln Riley & Kliff Kingsbury are too laid-back to do such a thing. I’m not saying be a damn drill sergeant, but have some heart-to-heart, 1 to 1 conversation because I assuming they don’t even do that. It’s up to Kyler to change his way. Can’t hood your hand.

Kliff - Personality-wise, I actually like Kliff. He gives all the credit to the players & coaching staff. Unlike Arians, he takes blame & just doesn’t throw it all on his players. However, he is not the HC Arians was. It’s clear that he appears to not be the man for the job. From the constant game management errors, to the lack of pre-snap motion, to being fixated not moving WRs around constantly. You listen to a good amount of well-informed podcasts that talk about Kliff Kingsbury & points out these same exact flaws. You hear how they constantly talk about his playbook & how he runs mesh way too many times & has not diversified his passing game over the years. You go back & look at the evidence of QBs that played with Kliff, play better once they left him. How do you not give Dortch any PT on offense despite being the most consistent weapon for the early quarter of the season? Because Rondale came back? You can make them both work! He might get plucked by Shanahan or McVay, but it’s clear he’s just not cut out for it anymore.

Keim - Easily the biggest cancer when it comes to the organization. From the constant draft misses to idiotic FA signings. He has no clue what positional value is & runs a team like it’s 1994. Really troubling that him & the coaching staff doesn’t see eye-to-eye like they should. Instances like declaring outright that Zaven will be starting from his rookie year & to the coaching staff not trusting a kicker to make FGs. Not using premium picks on the trenches where that’s an area we have lacked big time while Keim has been the GM. We gotta remember Keim fielded one of the worst offenses in league history & had the number 1 overall pick before Kliff & Kyler even got here. He’s reactionary & never has a plan. Can’t even tell what the vision of this team is & haven’t been able to for a while. I honestly believe no matter who the HC & QB are, we will never be a consistent contender. Not under Keim. If you can’t see eye-to-eye with numerous HCs over the years, then what’s the point of you being GM? The day Keim gets fired will be a day a dark cloud will be gone from the franchise, but Bidwill could be that dark cloud so who knows?

That’s just my input on all 3. Just a lot of dysfunction & frustration.
You've had some damn good takes the years I've been on here, but this one is absolutely the best one imo. Well said my brotha, well said.