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May 14, 2002
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So what happened to the thread where we blamed Kyler for Payton turning down the job? Now that Payton himself has said that's not true, and that he thinks the Cards have a problem in the clubhouse, but did NOT say the problem was Kyler he said it's similar to the problem Denver has and that he thought the Denver coach, and Kliff Kingsbury "let it get away from them, it happens with young coaches." I tried to find the thread but don't see it, did the title get changed?

The whole thing never made sense there's literally video of Payton saying he loves Kyler Murray and that it's his sons favorite player, then suddenly Terry Bradshaw says something and everyone forgets what the actual guy said?

We'll probably never know but I do believe it's fairly likely he preferred Denvers ownership group to ours. He's already banned Wilson's personal QB coach from the Broncos facility so it's clear that he thinks there were issues with Wilson and his QB coach being a problem in Denver.