A Brief Comment on Offensive Strategy


ASFN Consultant and Senior Writer
Jan 7, 2003
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Orlando, FL
I am far from convinced we’ve seen a preview of the 2024 offense. Simply, when you’re not in position to win, why show your Cards (pun intended). Just fold so your competitors don’t gain too much knowledge about how you’re going to play various scenarios.

I do think Gannon wanted to see if the Cards had enough ability to go with a run first offense. They showed more than Gannon & I would have expected. Except for restricting some play design the Cards learned they had a winner in Conner and enough of a passing game to take some of the heat off the run. What they didn’t have was a good enough passing game to penalize teams over-playing the run.

Imagine trying to call plays with no dependable WRs and only one experienced TE. You also don’t want to expose your QB by excessive running. You can toss out the games Conner missed due to injury. Who knows how much of the desired offense we saw? So while I think Gannon will continues with a run first offense; I expect a far more assertive attempt at putting points on the board with the passing game.

If the run game succeeds in bringing a safety into the box I think we’ll see more midrange and deep passes. I think Gannon actually would prefer to take more chances. I’ll have a better idea of strategy once I see which receivers they end up getting this offseason. I also expect to see more throws to the RB. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Murray execute some deliberate runs on third down.

Overall I expect an aggressive offense that seeks to impose its will on the opposition.