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    AZ Cardinals draft is officially over

    Love this draft. Covered many needs, and I'm excited as hell!
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    Cards 3rd pick: FS - Tyrann Mathieu

    Thank you for this post.
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    Cards 3rd pick: FS - Tyrann Mathieu

    Couldn't agree more. I hope this young man makes every other team regret passing on him.
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    hey where you guys playing fantasy ball this year?

    I never use a formula, i go with overall value when making picks. RB's aren't as valuable as they used to be (as someone else mentioned). I used to go RB-RB in the first 2 rounds, but lately I'll grab a WR or QB if one is valuable enough. As for sites, I like You can use...
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    Dockett sounds unhappy on Twitter

    Lots of tweets today. He sounds unhappy about his contract and gripes about "cheap franchises". This started yesterday when he heard two radio guys say he was one of the top 5 defensive linemen in the league.
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    Cards players on Twitter?

    I follow Fitz & Dockett, both are lots of fun. I'm @nurnay for anyone that cares. :D
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    Jake the Snake!

    That put a smile on my face... :)
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    Least Stressful Cardinals Draft - EVER!

    Yeah, I only got antsy leading up to the first round pick, hoping Wells would be there. After that, it was smooth sailing.
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    Kurt Warner WALK IT OUT on Ellen Degeneres Show

    Her standup stuff was excellent back in the day. Very funny. Once she came out of the closet, her stuff got more angry and less funny.
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    Cards Wallpaper

    You might want to just upload it to a free upload site like rapidshare.
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    I find this amusing

    I've had a lot of people calling and e-mailing congrats. Also, random people will start up conversations with me about the Cardinals when they see my Cards hat. The weirdest trend I'm noticing is the suspicious looks I get from some people. One guy at the bar asked me how long I've been wearing...
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    New little cardinals fan... born on a Sunday!

    :thumbup: Kids are the best. Congrats!
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    Chicago Cardinals

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    iphone and cardinals football (podcasts ect)

    Well, I originally found it in the podcast section of iTunes, but it's gone now. Just browse to this feed and you should be good to go: