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    Happy Birthday, jefftheshark !!!

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
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    Dear Darksiders

    Saints aren't that great without Bush let alone being without Thomas and Bush. I picked the Saints to win, but this win isn't all that surprising.
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    Why are we passing so much with Warner gone?

    Because our 1st round draft pick at RB has been injured? :bang:
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    Iowa @ Arizona Sept 18th

    This game won't be a blowout either way. :mulli:
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    Cardinals @ Falcons Prediction Thread 9/19. Cardinals 25 Falcons 17 THT is Player Of The Game.
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    Iowa @ Arizona Sept 18th

    Iowa by 10
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    The Cardinals will not win more than 4 games with Anderson as the qb

    What were your expectations going in? If you were expecting him to be as good as Kurt Warner of course your going to be disappointed. If you expected him to be just ok, then you pretty much got that from him. He's nothing special, but he should do ok.
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    Can DA hit the side of a barn?

    How big and far away is the barn? :p
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    The reports of SF's Division title have been greatly exaggerated

    28-6 Seattle now. So much for my Yahoo! eliminator pick. :bang:
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    What WR career will Anderson end first

    This is just the first game. Lets see if he can get better as thee year progresses.
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    WOW Cutler has 263 yds at the half!

    If that wasn't a TD, I have no idea what one is anymore. He clearly caught the ball and got both feet down. :bang:
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    WOW Cutler has 263 yds at the half!

    Cutler doesn't suck. Who do they have that is actually a great WR on that team? Knox has only played 1 full year, Aromashodu is an Indy reject, and Hester would appear to possibly be the best, but he's more of a return man and has only 1 catch thus far. :shrug:
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    Anyone wish Amare well in NY?

    Just like other players it was great having him as a Phoenix Suns player, but I really don't care how he does for his new team.
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    Is Tom Brady still a top 5 QB?

    I wouldn't expect it to be that much more, but it will likely be a tad more.
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    Is Tom Brady still a top 5 QB?

    I do agree NE should have got a home town discount, but who's to say Brady can't play for 4 more years at the level he's been at even if the odds are slightly against him? It's easier for me to understand veterans getting these contracts over what some of the rookies are now getting.