Where Can True Starters Be Found at each Position in this Draft?


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
How far down, how long can a team wait, to address a position of need and come away with a true Starter at each position? What is your thoughts on each position?

For the Cards I am thinking of our greatest needs to be DT, DE/Edge/OLB, CB, IOL, WR, then maybe S/2nd CB, RB, TE. So going down a list of:

DE/OLB - starter in R1, or a rotational player thru R2
DT - for a true influencer - R1 or by pick 34, just so few of them
CB - thru top of R3 since we are so weak here
C - top C in R2, servicable probably thru R4
OG - thru top of R3
WR - just depends on if you need or want WR1,2,3
S/CB - probably look for this in R4/5
RB - that could end up being anywhere
TE - i'll leave this one to our coach/gm
QB - backup, are we going to need him to start week 1? If not, then maybe even thru R5/6. Really depends on who is there when.