The problem? Talent, play calling and decisions.


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Jul 11, 2002
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Plainfield, Il.
Here is my evaluation.

Let’s start with talent. Our Wr Corp without Hopkins is terrible. Green and Kirk would be lucky to be the #4 Wr on the Rams who have Kupp, Beckham, Jefferson and Woods. When Hopkins went down we needed Kirk and Green to move up from #2 and #3 to #1 and #2 which they aren’t. Huge upgrade needs to be made.

Play calling. Go back and look at the play calling on our first 3 possessions. We knew the Rams would pressure. I prayed the very first play called would be a play action quick pass to Ertz. Something to get the ball out of Kylers hands and get positive yards. I also think our formation and playbook is too big. Instead of exploiting their weakness Kingsbury is convinced his play calling, hurry up no huddle will beat NFL defenses. The game needs to be slowed down for Kyler. I believe he could use time in the huddle to digest and communicate with the sidelines and teammates. Too often our offense runs 3 plays in less than 60 seconds and we put the defense back on the field…and do we really want that?

Decision making. Kyler is poor at decision making. There are many examples of this but I’m going to use the Bears game as an example. On 4th down Kyler chose to throw to Hopkins. It was a perfect pass , an incredible catch and a td. Great huh? On that play He had Conner WIDE OPEN over the middle of the field for an EASY first down and arguably a td. Why chose the lower pct. throw? Is he just dumb? Is he too arrogant to play within the game? Is the offense to complex? Is it because he could do this in college? He has taken the lower pct pass dozens of times, most NOT successful. Add to that he still moves late out of the pocket. Again, something he could get away with in college. He still doesn’t take the easy throw away and takes a 2-3 yard loss. That is more evidence he doesn’t read the breakdown of the play until it’s too late. On the idiotic int. Kyler had an open rb on the 3 yard line but he held the ball too long and well we saw the results. All these things you would think would be second nature in his 3rd year.

Nothing is going to happen to Keim. I doubt Kingsbury is going to be fired even though he has lost the fan base and maybe the locker room. But if somebody in this organization recognize these shortcomings then we are doomed to seasons like this.