OT: Pat Mahomes Brother arrested


the medic
Jun 16, 2004
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Meh… I don’t like the kid either (based on a previous video I watched of he an his brothers wife BOTH acting stupid in the stands of a game) but “hands on the neck” is easily a semantical “error” of these journalists.

He could have easily put an arm around her/near her neck, moved into kiss her, perhaps lips either made close a time or 3, and BAMMMM! This makes for good click bait “journalism.”

I just completed film school- my lead screenwriting professor started his career as a journalist, and pretty much said he could make a “story” (for what we think is for a particular, isolated incident) out of “other” stories and “rumors.” He said (and this is a quote from my best memory): “just write a story that people want to hear; have a protagonist/antagonist/a build up/and a climax.” He then went on to (basically) say it really didn’t matter where you get your facts from, if you get facts, or if you pulled “facts” from another time, just make it sound good.

I don’t put much stock into these hit pieces of he said/she said/cops state in a report/the judge said.

But, im just one guy, I could be terribly wrong, this seems like a terrible tragedy. But do what you like..