A Discovery of Witches


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Apr 2, 2004
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Unless I've missed it, this series has gone undiscussed here. My wife and I have watched all 25 episodes 4 times now and it's easily one of our all time favorite shows. It wouldn't appeal to most here but I'd think it would appeal greatly to fans of Hallmark movies that are also fans of urban fantasy. At it's core, it's a romance story and like Outlander it incorporates fantasy and time travel. But while it isn't paced like an action show, it's nowhere near as slow as Outlander.

We first streamed it on AMC but soon purchased the BluRay set since AMC started showing it as part of the Creator Series (where someone like the author annoys you for several minutes in the middle of the episode). Anyway, it should be back out there again soon sometime or maybe on Shudder and is well worth signing up for the streaming service for the month or so it will take you to complete the series.