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    The Suns Offseaon in 1 Trade

    ATL Trades: Josh Smith ATL Gets: Vince Carter (Expiring Contract), Robin Lopez, Jared Dudley (If needed Suns add 13th/20th pick) Why the do it? Simply put Atlanta wants to trade Jsmooth. Lopez lost most of his value, however could get their front line depth. Jared Dudley is a strong 6th man...
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    Bored with trade Machine. So here's a crazy trade idea... Gets Melo out of Denver, Nash out of Phoenix and NY deep into the playoffs. This could be D'Antoni's dream team... PHX Gets: Curry, Anderson, Mozgov, Telfair, Mason, rights...
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    Matt Barnes slaps coach Sounds like Barnes is in some more trouble... glad we got rid of him. At the time I thought he was a great hustle player, but really he's just trouble.
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    Turning the Page on #7: Backup QBs I'd Like

    There's got to be an odd man out in Denver soon. Orton, Quinn and Tebow, somebody's going to want out. Personally, I could see it being Quinn, who I'm not sure I'd go for. Orton or Tebow on the other hand...
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    MIN/PHX Trade

    With Utah only offering picks, I have to think Phoenix is in the running for Al Jefferson. First off, here's the deal: Phoenix Gets: Al Jefferson Rights to Ricky Rubio Minnesota Gets: Jason Richardson Earl Clark Taylor Griffin 2011 1st Round Pick Why Phoenix Does it: Why not...
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    LB and TPE for Turk and Childress

    This is why I feel we've got another trade going down. I think that guy may just be Richardson. That allows us more minutes for Childress, moves Frye back to PF and Turk more into the SF slot rather that PF and then free's minutes at the C position. What trade possibilities are there...
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    LB and TPE for Turk and Childress

    Got to admit, I'm very surprised and excited about the trade. But now where do we plug these guys in? Nash(30)/Dragic(18) Richardson(35)/Childress(11)Dragic(2) Hill(25)/Childress(8)/Dudley(15) Turkoglu(35)/Warrick(13) Lopez(30)/Frye(18) That leaves us with Clark and Lawal rounding out...
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    Arizona Rattlers: 2010 Season

    Looks like home opener is free for everyone: When are the tickets available though? I cannot find that.
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    Halloween Themed Bounce House

    Check the website.;)
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    Couples Retreat

    That really sums up my feeling of the movie. It's not a classic Vince Vaughn movie like Wedding Crashers or Old School. Just okay for me. I was expecting too much...
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    Halloween Themed Bounce House

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know of a family business that we've been starting up. We've got a perfect Halloween themed bounce house available for parties! All of the information is here: If any ASFNer's want it I can...
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    I hope Hiroki Kuroda is alright

    Just tuned and and am seeing the stoppage. They aren't showing a replay at all?
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    2010 Arizona Diamondbacks...

    Give me this and I'm happy... 1) Drew SS 2) Young/Parra CF 3) Upton RF 4) Reynolds 1B 5) Jackson LF 6) Glaus 3B 7) Montero C 8) Roberts 2B Bench: Romero OF Allen 1B Snyder C Loretta 2B Young/Parra OF Rotation: 1) Webb 2) Haren 3) Scherzer 4) Petit 5) Parker...
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    Worst Expecations

    No way is OKC an 8 seed, especially above the Hornets who just aquired Okafor. It will go like this in the West... Lakers Mavericks Spurs Trailblazers Nuggets Jazz Hornets Suns
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    What D'Backs will be traded before the deadline?

    We really need to trade Snyder. Montero deserves to be an everyday player. If we can't trade Snyder, then getting value for Montero should be considered as he deserves to be playing everyday...