It's Going to Collapse


Mar 4, 2003
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With the mob
Anyone who thinks otherwise is either naive or a fool. Our debt is unsustainable and irreversible. There will be no golden parachute. It will be painful. Welcome the 1930's all over again. I hope you are prepared.

The warning signs are out there and have been out there. I hope you heeded them.

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Apr 30, 2003
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Anyone who thinks otherwise is either naive or a fool.

Yep, and some of us knew about this for a decade or more. If it hasn't hit home for most in the last 5 years then they are far worse than naive or a fool.

After spending half my professional life worry about what the oligarchy is going to do to ruin our lives, I have stopped.

It is what it is.

The rich sold us a system, and then when it was their time to hold up their end of the bargin they turned there backs and "let the world burn". This all started in the 1980's with high soceity rich white people bribing the masses to let them take the money and run. The whole system has been a burning ball of destruction ever since.

Nothing a common man can do about it, so I am done worrying about it. It is what it is. If it collapses, then so be it.

I have way less to lose then they people who have the power to prevent such catastrophies, and they can prevent them. Will they? Probably not, but who knows?

If is all goes to hell. I lose what? At most 30k ? Not the billions, and trillions the rich will lose.

So while I agree, I am certainly not going to worry about it. I have done enough of that. After years of talking about this topic, I have realized that there are family, friends, and a community to fall back on. We didn't need this complex oligarchy of a system 120 years ago, and people seemed to prosper just fine.

So while I would advise anyone with doubts to watch Brian's video, my advice to those who are worrying so bad they cannot function ?

"F--- it, dude, let's go bowling"

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