Can Josh Dobbs be our Geno Smith?

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May 15, 2002
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There are quite a few similarities playing out that would suggest that Dobbs can fill the mid level Geno Smith role with the Big Red. Remember that Seattle brought in the kid from Denver (Lock)to be their starter for 2022. Geno was brought in as the back up because that is what he had been for the better part of 10 years. Geno shared last year that in all those years as a back up, he always considered himself a starter and always prepared as if he was one. Dobbs has followed a much similar path, serving as a back up for various teams. Both guys have a similar physical skill set (tall, athletic, decent arm, can make plays with legs). The real similarity is in their poise under pressure. Both guys didn’t start out that way, but through maturity and preparation, have found poise.

The Seahawks last year were predicted to have at best a five win team. However, a poised veteran quarterback, a first round offensive tackle, and a really good late round cornerback helped turn them into a tough, 9-10 win team.

Sound familiar?