1. Harry

    Pick Your Draft Approach

    It’s becoming rapidly clear the Cards will not take a top QB and possibly not get WR Harrison. Nonetheless, this should be an excellent draft. There are several ways to approach this, but the draft is deep enough the Cards should get at least 1 Pro Bowl level player for certain. Then likely a...
  2. MadCardDisease

    2020 NFL Draft Almost was Live in Las Vegas.

    I'm taking my 13 year old son to see Day 2 and Day 3 of the draft in Las Vegas. Anyone else going to be there? I know Solar said he might be there. Would be cool if we could get a small Cardinals fan group together for our 2nd round pick on Friday.
  3. Dr. Jones

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    The Cardinals select: Who? I see: Jeudy, Brown, Lamb, Simmons, Thomas, Wills (not to me but to some) or Wirfs as the most possible targets. I think the Panthers being in front of us could kill our chances for Jeudy, but with the Jags behind us, they may want to swap up to secure Herbert if...
  4. Skipper1111

    I really hope..

    I really hope we trade our top pick for more picks because we have a a bunch of needs, honestly and we’re not gonna want tires free agents, I’m done with washed up free agents except for that running back we got recently he’s pretty good. we’re gonna need to replace PP, DJ, A couple guys Oline...
  5. Skipper1111

    What I would do..

    Hi y’all, So it looks like we’re going for a top pick in the next draft and I would trade down my top pick so as to get more upper tier players since our team has so many needs. It looks like teams are holding onto their good players and if anyone is out to trade for there is a reason so it’s...
  6. SissyBoyFloyd

    2020 NFL Draft Contest - Guess Who Cards will Pick next year in R1

    I know, we don't know what the pick order is now. But go ahead and pick a player anyway, we'll keep this handy to review next April to see who guessed correctly. my guess - Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
  7. SissyBoyFloyd

    How Many Players in this Draft Should Make an Impact in their Rookie Season

    In other words, how far down in this draft will teams be drafting players who make an immediate impact for their team by either starting sometime this season or contributing on game days. Just list a number which approximates how deep you feel this draft will be. 1. Nick Bosa | EDGE | Ohio...
  8. SissyBoyFloyd

    Right before Us taking Murray, the Giants offer pick 37 for Rosen

    That's the best we have been offered. Should we take it?
  9. SissyBoyFloyd

    Must Read for Every Cards fan (& especially our GM)

    https://www.vox.com/2014/5/7/5683448/how-nfl-teams-ignore-basic-economics-and-draft-players-irrationally "There’s definitely a correlation between the amount of picks and drafting good players." "Teams that succeed .... tend to build their rosters heavily through the draft."
  10. S

    Murray With Talent

    You could argue that cards are one of if not the most improved team since last season. And maybe one of the most talented teams to receive the number one pick. Three out of four of the secondary players can perform at or near a pro bowl level. Both S DJ and BB They are two of the more...
  11. D


    This Kyler Murray thing has my panties in a bunch so I'm choosing to focus on other aspects of the draft. In particular, later round gems/sleepers. One of mine is Michael Jordan (OG) from Ohio State. He's projected anywhere from the bottom of the 2nd to the 6th. He played all 4 years for...
  12. splitsecond

    Antoine Wesley - WR Texas Tech

    Surprised this kid doesn't have a thread here yet. I know we all are rightfully enamored with N'Keal, but this kid is 6'5" 200 lbs and runs short routes better than he has any business doing at his size. Could this be Keim's round 3 special this year? I imagine he is going to do some climbing as...