Visual: Kyler Murray’s efficiency, deep ball has fallen off in 2022


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Nov 2, 2003
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From the article:
Murray hasn’t completed a pass of 40 or more yards to this point. Forty-two quarterbacks in the 32-team NFL have at least one such play.
Murray has 23 passing plays of 20 or more yards, a middle-tier stat for starters to this point. He finished last year at 49.

Still, his passer ratings on plays of 20 or more yards are abysmal compared to the average and his past seasons. In the left, center and right zones of at least 20 yards down the field, Murray’s passer ratings are respectively 17.2, 42.5 and 42.9.

The league averages range from 78.4 to 85.6 to 79.2 in those zones.

It’s surprising considering Murray through three prior seasons and three zones in each of those seasons — nine total zones — had never posted a passer rating below 75.9. The next-worst passing zone for a season came in at 95.8. That’s how good he was at connecting on deep shots before this season.
@Harry 's "Synergy" thread rings true, but this shows that there's gotta be more to the huge dropoff in performance between the first 12 games of last year, and now.



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Sep 15, 2019
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Maybe Christian Kirk was the key to Murray's deep ball this whole time. He was the main deep target.
Yep. Its funny cause on that 4th down play it reminded me of the Vikings play in 2021.

That was a bit underthrown as well but Kirk had great timing to haul in the pass. Meanwhile Brown continued as if he could run under it.

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No idea but remember the reports were after he came back from Covid last year he went through a dead arm period? It hasn't seem to come all the way back. Look at that throw to Andy Isabella his rookie year against the 49ers, that throw is an absolute rope across the field on a silver platter for a TD. The throw against Buffalo the hail Murray, another great throw. We haven't seen that arm really since he had Covid.