Suns trade for PF Darius Bazley


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Oct 19, 2003
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It has been hard to say what is up with this guy. He has looked lost out there on both ends of the court. It looks like he just doesn't want to make a mistake, but playing so tentatively he makes the mistakes. I think the expectations are another thing as well going from a meddling team to a western conference favorite. it coaching? Monty needs to figure things out. He can't give this guy 7 mins in the OKC game and expect any reasonable learning experience. It just seems that coaching should know the guys on the team by now and should have a gameplan of who they're going to be playing.

Bazley has looked lost. I think Monty has been trying to find a home for him as a small ball center but thus far it hasn't worked.


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Jun 28, 2008
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Monty is not a strategist. And that type of hard fouling behavior isn't tolerated by Monty (imo).
Not saying hard foul per se, but play physical back at him. Meet force with force. If he smashes into you, smash back. Ref is going to blow the whistle in favor of Giannis anyway, so foul him before he has time to finish the euro three-step and scoop/dunk. Back paddling and wilting is not a good look in the playoffs. It does not inspire confidence in the team, the fans, or even the refs.