Suns @ Spurs Saturday game thread 3-23-2024


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May 13, 2002
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So I was able to watch this game (blackout rules say that I have to wait 3 days to watch it on League Pass), and it was quite an experience knowing that 2 days later, the Suns would lay an egg.

It wasn't like the Suns played with force -- they were simply much better than the Spurs, which was reflected in the final score. Didn't need any otherworldly plays or performances to win this game. It was just a solid basketball game against an inferior team.

Then there was Monday. This team is truly Jeckyll and Hyde and it is mind-boggling. The players share some of the blame for being complacent, but IMO the majority of it is on the coaches. Did they not think that Pop would make adjustments? Did they not recognize these adjustments? It's the coach's job to put the players in the best position to win -- that includes playcalling, matchups and substitution patterns. Vogel was completely outclassed by Pop and was outclassed by Pop's assistants as well. Vogel is an unmitigated disaster and barring a miracle playoff run, he absolutely 100% should be fired at the end of the season.