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Jun 15, 2005
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Not a mod but I've always PM'd mods and they've been awesome in private conversation and they're all very receptive and open to discussion if approached politely. I don't think you'd start a PM by laying into them but who knows what people will do. The times I've spoken with the mods who replied to you, both @Ronin and @jf-08 have been great in PM's. I'll also mention that @Shaggy is awesome as well, he's the head honcho as the board/site owner.

Just thought I'd share my experience as I've been in a similar place you are and didn't know where to turn. Those who replied are a good place to start.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the moderation!

Everyone should know that the moderation team are a resource to the entire community here on ASFN.

I expect the service to improve even more now that all mods accept the major credit cards and Paypal for tips/bribes express reported post response time! ;)