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Aug 11, 2002
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Scarsdale, NY
With the Draft and FA (for the most part) in the rear view mirror, I think it might be fun to see where the team stands. And keep in mind that I post as a "Glass is half full" type of fan. Many on this board hope that this will be the last for our GM and HC. But in order for that to happen we'll have to finish below .500, and I don't see that happening. However, if we finish at .500 (8-8-1) or even at 9-8, I can envision KK being let go. But with what we've done in FA and trades and the Draft, at least 10 wins seems very doable. But many of the experts don't see us improving very much, so nothing is for certain.
What do I know that the experts don't, or simply overlook. I'll generalize:

Offense-I'm very high on our OL, primarily because of the Hudson addition, and think that it will help us improve both running and passing. When the experts evaluate our running game all they seem to talk about are the guys running the ball and not the guys blocking. And, this will naturally help the passing game, but here I'm most excited by the two additions (Green/Moore). Sort of giddy by the thought of Rondale on jet sweeps, or on a fake, with him going one way and Kyler keeping it and going the other. Drake might be a better runner than Conner, but I have a feeling that Conner is better at 3rd and short.

Defense-Can't believe when the experts talk about any improvement in our defense they focus on JJ Watt and to a lesser extent the two ILB's Collins and Simmons. Chandler Jones must be asking, what am I, chopped liver? And don't forget our hidden gem pass rusher, Dennis Gardeck. If you're being objective expect a significant improvement in the pass rush. Again, the experts say, maybe so but your DB's are not good. To which I say, and will admit that's a group that still has to be addressed. But we do have the $$ to do so, and I expect SK to do that.

Special Teams-This group has gotten little to no recognition and we do have an aging kicker and punter. But I expect our kicking game to make maybe a two game difference. And if Matt Prater was our kicker last year, we would have made the playoffs.

Bottom Line-The team is improved, but once again it will depend upon on how much KM is improved. And a normal TC and PS will be a big help.

See you on Hard Knocks. :)


Aug 22, 2003
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I'm not going to lie. I'm lo-key excited about the whole team, but I feel surprisingly giddy at the prospect of the defense being something special. If Butler and more importantly Alford can give us quality play, we have the makings of one of the best defenses we've had in years. The pass rush has a potential to be flat out terrifying with great depth to boot. Hicks will be pushed by Zaven to show and prove or risk sitting down. Budda's gonna Budda, and Banjo, although not great won't be a liability out there. It just feels really good to see Defense as a priority again, and I love the blend of veteran leadership with an influx of young bucks looking to make their marks. I'm excited to see the finished product take the field week 1.



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Aug 17, 2006
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Albuquerque, NM
Totally agree with the defensive point of view.
I've said all along, we are basically adding Chandler Jones and JJ Watt to last years defensive front 7. Anyone who says that is not an upgrade to any team in the NFL is kidding themselves. Add to it that we will have Golden for the entire year, along with Simmons (who should have got more playing time last year). I will admit, that our CB's are an unknown. However, Peterson was basically a liability in coverage last year, so Butler is either on par with that or better. The #2 corner is going to be a bit of a gray area but that has been the case for years. No difference there.
I will add, my biggest concern is Vance Joseph. I don't have much faith on the coaching but I'm hoping the talent and athleticism on the field can overcome some of that.


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Mar 8, 2015
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Changes to come yet. I expect a bunch more roster moves yet but generally I'm excited.

Then I remember Kliff is still HC and my shoulders slump a bit.

This is where I am at. I feel like this team can only go so far with Kliff.

I want to be optimistic, because I feel like Kyler has the ability to be the MVP, but last season just has caused me to lose all faith in our coaching.


Sep 7, 2020
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Its wild that on paper I think our roster is the 3rd best in the division. I really like our roster too.


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Aug 24, 2002
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Needles, Ca.
This team will win 11 games

we had, what, 3 loses by 3 points or less (I believe) doesn’t seem like it would take much improvement on offense to fix that where the game isn’t in the kickers hands (so to speak). Add in defensive improvements and I could see 11+ wins. Ok, I’m an optimist….


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Dec 31, 2018
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I’m typically pretty pessimistic when it comes to the Cardinals. On paper this team should be significantly better than last year.