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Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by HookemCards, Apr 28, 2008.

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    Don't mean to make this a bash on the draft cause for the most part I'm fairly happy with it. That being said there are some picks I would have made instead of who we did. No trades, and you can only pick from players drafted after our pick.

    I'm fine with the first 3 rounds, all were good value and need positions. But I probably wouldn't have drafted any of the next four guys, and certainly not where we did.

    Rd 4 - Tashard Choice, the RB depth scares the hell out of me. I like Edge, but at 30 he's more prone to injury than he has been in the past. If he goes down its Shipp and Arrington and probably a top 10 pick agian next year. Alternate selection Tony Hills OT.

    Rd 5 - Durant Brooks, having a punter like Brooks is a great help for the defense. Alternate selections Carl Nicks OT, or Roy Schuening OG.

    Rd 6 - Brian Johnston, help along the DL. Alternate selection Chauncey Washington RB

    Rd 7 - King Dunlap, unless we got Hills and Schuening earlier. Alternate selection Erin Henderson OLB or Darrell Robertson DE
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    My boards between each pick are posted on the BRS

    Sticking strictly to each of my seven mini boards, my picks would have been as follows:

    1. (16) DRC - He was 4th on my big board and at the top of my 1- 16 board.

    2. (50) Cliff Avril (Campbell was 10th from the top of my 17 - 50 board just after we drafted and 5th on the board when we drafted him). I thought our priority was for an Okeafor or B-Train clone and Avril fit the profile. Nothing wrong with Campbell, though - If we had picked him over DRC at #16, (while I would have been disappointed in not getting DRC or another corner), I wouldn't have been shocked.

    3. (81) Ray Rice - I admit it. I got desperate for a RB and went for need. I had Rice right after Kevin Smith and Jamaal Charles on my adjusted 51 - 81 board. I had Doucet at #76 (after 12 other prospects)

    4. (116) Schuening - I gave up on the RB's and targeted one of the best run blocking linemen in this year's draft. He was at the top of my 82 - 116 board when we drafted. Iwebema was off the radar & not on this board.

    5. (149) I still had Schuening at the top of my 117 - 149 board. Harrington was not on this board.

    6. (185) Atiyha Rubin NT - Schuening was gone. Rubin was at the top of my 150 - 185 board when we drafted. Good motor for a NT and very productive in college - I wanted him as "Watson insurance" in case the kneecap isn't ready. I didn't have Hightower on my 225 player master board let alone this mini one.

    7. (225) - Henderson LB. Rubin was off the board. Henderson and Leman were at the top of my 186 -225 board. (I had no problem with our selection of Keith - his upside was worth the risk at #225. Once again, I didn't have him listed on my 225 man board or draft write ups).

    Woulda coulda shoulda. In our mock draft contest, one other guy and I correctly named on Cardinal draft pick (DRC). Trying to accurately scope out what any team will do for all 7 rounds is like finding the proverbial needle in the even more proverbial haystack so it's hard to use the "If I were GM, I would have done such and such" as a valid criticism of any team's draft.
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