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Sep 17, 2019
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The term bootleg historically refers to any play where the QB keeps the ball and runs toward the sideline. I know recently with QB option’s it’s not always used that way. Here’s a definition from Football Advantage, “A bootleg is a misdirection play that has a few different parts. It's part play-action pass and part rollout by the quarterback.” In this case the play featured a fake RB handoff. It’s defined by what the QB does. I understand your point, but I wouldn’t say my description was wrong.

As to QB runs as bad as the Giants were against the Boys, on the 2nd play Jones ran for 8 yards. On the 7th play he ran for 16 yards. On the 9th play Jones ran for 8 yards. My point was Dallas didn’t stay home in a disciplined way. It was clear a “planned” run had a great chance of success.

The Moore touchdown was the result of exploiting a formation, not some great RB skill from Moore. He ran in a straight line though the biggest lane the Cards have had in recent memory. The reason we don’t see Moore play RB is because he lacks the moves. This play was based on pure straight line speed. Do you think that’s a commonly used play? Please check what I wrote earlier about paradigms.

YTD Ertz has been targeted 20 times, second only to Brown’s 22. No one else has more than 10 targets. In my review of this game I wrote, “ They continue to target Ertz short hoping he’ll run for the first; he won’t.” I didn’t say he was targeted too much. Not only did we see different games I guess you saw a different article than mine.

Ask Jackie Smith if hands betray you as your career goes on.

As to Thompson’s coverage of Lamb I wrote, “Thompson struggled in coverage, which was understandable since he was on Lamb.” I’m not sure what your point is. I didn’t say it was man coverage and I didn’t criticize Thompson because he was beaten. The next sentence complimented his run defense.

Frankly it seems more like you just didn’t like the piece. That’s okay. You’re not the first and I’m certain you won’t be the last. I just ask you to be a little more careful about how you represent what I wrote.
well done. Appreciate the thoughtful response. got me googling Jackie Smith, what a hilarious photo of him dead stiff in the end zone :Dold

I just disagreed with a lot of the take, no sweat its just words.

biggest point of contention is Moore touchdown not being gimmicky and we might see a lot of explosive plays like that this year. Great scheming out of this staff.