Manchester United protest Q&A: When will Liverpool match take place and will the club be...

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May 8, 2002
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Manchester United fans angry at the Glazers' ownership and their part in the aborted breakaway Super League stormed Old Trafford on Sunday, causing their game against Liverpool to be postponed. Talks are under way between the Premier League and the two clubs about rearranging the fixture, while Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation. Here, Jeremy Wilson answers the key questions. When will the Manchester United v Liverpool game now take place? The Premier League has never previously been forced to call off a fixture due to fan protests. It must now liaise with the two clubs, as well as the police and local authorities, to find a mutually acceptable date but there will be knock-on consequences for whatever is decided, especially with United still in the Europa League. The most likely current option is Sunday May 16, which is the day after the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester City, and the week before the Premier League season ends. Liverpool were due to play West Bromwich Albion on that day and this would mean moving that fixture forward to May 12 or 13, causing those clubs to have less from their matches the previous weekend.

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