Bill Simmons on Donaghy and the NBA


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Oct 19, 2003
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thats pretty thin...

I would love to see stern resign over this, but I will put money down that he is not involved in point shaving in his own association.

I'm not suggesting such. However, the lack of action can actually be action.


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Jul 30, 2005
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can someone explain to me why a team that consistently get horrendous ratings at the most important time of the year would be Stern's favorite team, when the thing he cares most about is money and making his sport profitable?

Why did Tim Donaghy favor the crappy knicks so much? It doesn't matter about the big picture, especially if stern pockets more money when he makes under the table deals.

Does stern get more money if the nba makes more money? I would bet 99% chance he doesn't.

He is the classic image of a dirty old man that got more and more corrupt as time went on, and eventually went the way of the "dark side".

I remember when I was watching espn classics and I think it was the 1996 bulls winning the championship, stern was up there presenting the trophy with the biggest genuine looking smile (which looks completely different then his fake one he dons now) and he seemed so uplifted and happy to be there and doing what he did. Now he dons the fake smile and talks in a halfway fake-monotonous tone when he is up there, with that half-bleary disinterested look in his eyes. You can tell his heart isn't in it anymore and it is "just business".

When this happends in every scenario is when it is time for some new blood.


Sep 14, 2005
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When you see that Sterm only solutions to the NBA crisis are to impose a dress code and to apply rules following the letter of the law you know he has to go.