Arizona Basketball 2020-2021

Discussion in 'University of Arizona' started by TJ, Apr 29, 2020.

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    I suspect for transfers they're going to make it easy this year, just not sure with foreign kids but it can't be too hard to get them tested and quarantined or whatever is required.

    Definitely more of a St Mary's or Gonzaga approach but seems closer to St Mary's in terms of the sheer number of foreign kids in the class.
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    Because instead of simply changing his recruiting pattern, he has completely trashed his original approach and gone almost exclusively to foreign recruits, something no other coach has ever done before. It's one thing to change to bring in more glue guys to compliment the OADs. It's another to abandon the OADs altogether and build a team exclusively of glue guys and no stars. Yes, he has gone back to his approach at Xavier, which might work at the mid-major level, but is likely to fail at the high-major level. I applaud him for at least trying something different, but this extreme of a shift this quickly reeks of desperation, in my opinion.

    In terms of Ristic, he was projected immediately as a second round NBA draft pick when he arrived at Arizona, and was projected to be a lottery pick with development over the course of a year or two. In the end, he wasn't anywhere close to getting drafted or to playing in the NBA. He actually got worse over time.

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