After listening to the Graves interview


Feb 10, 2003
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Here is my take on the situation. I have to say that from past experiences I do like the approach that the Cards are taking and not rushing to the bank to spend the money. Here is why?? Remember Hardy Nickerson. He played us. I wouldn't be quick to get offers out right now simply because alot of players will shop us. We are in a unique position this year with all this cap space. We need to be the team that is out-dueling the other offers.

I thought Rod did contradict himself however. He said that in the Plummer negotiations that the Cards were not going to allow the market to dictate their offer, but they were going to offer what was comfortable to them. However, later in the interview Rod stated that the Cards need to be patient and allow the Market to take shape with alot of players. Right then and there that tells me that Rod's philosophy isn't quite clear cut and that I as a long time fan should have cause for concern!!

After yesterdays onslaught I am going to sit back and wait. I think that there are a few good players out there this year that can be had. Maybe the Emmit Smith idea isn't all bad,although I think Marcel Shipp should be the Go to guy. Maybe Jeff Blake could come in and throw the deep ball. One caller suggested Darius Thompson, I like him.... I think he would be a cheap pick-up that may have a good upside. I don't like the idea of not inviting Hugh Douglas for a visit. I do not like the idea of drafting another offensive player because we are forced to and to once again neglect the Defense. Hey, we were 12-20 over the last 2 seasons and we just let our 2 best players walk -- We are a team with one of the biggest PR problelms in all of Sports. We do not and cannot have the luxury of making critical personnel erros. The most frustrating part about this whole scenario is that we have the most cap space in the league and we are probably being the most frugile out there????? Boston didnot get a guaranteed contract because of what Graves states is information that he is not willing to reveal. Well, in business, sometimes you may have to risk a character debate Rod in order solidify your customer base. I think the Fans (downtrotten as we are) deserve to know the real reason why we couldn't pull this trigger!