kyler murray

  1. kerouac9

    Kyler takes a stray in Defector People are talk like Kyler’s perception is a local thing or something. It’s not fun for your QB to get written up like this over something that is entirely within his control.
  2. R

    Kyler Murray Knee Rehab Progress

    From his Instagram today. What a slacker.
  3. kerouac9

    Week 8 2022: Heroes and Goats

    The funny thing is that we don't suck. We're not hopeless. We're kind of a Good Bad Team. The Raiders suck and are hopeless. We don't even have the worst head coach in the NFL (probably). It feels like we spent most of the preseason lowering expectations for each other, and we just didn't set...
  4. Totally_Red

    Length of Kyler's contract?

    Like it or not he's likely getting paid as the Cardinals' QBOTF. My question is how long beyond 2023 the contract should extend?
  5. kerouac9

    Five Things I'm Excited About for 2022

    People seem pretty down about this season, which seems kind of wild because we have something that a lot of people have been begging for — organizational stability at the three most important positions in a franchise: General Manager Steve Keim. Keim's first- and second-round picks have been...
  6. Totally_Red

    The good, the bad, and the ugly!

    Well yesterday featured plenty of the bad and the ugly. But let's not forget the really, really good. The Cardinals have the long-term answer at franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray. There may have been a sliver of doubt before the season. There is absolutely no doubt anymore. Kyler has...
  7. daves

    Murray's shoulder injury

    Today in The Athletic, Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries writes on Murray's injury: ...dave
  8. daves

    Top NFL player earnings from royalties and marketing

    The Athletic has yet another interesting piece describing how Peyton Manning remains atop the list, four years after retiring. They listed the players who earned over $1M...
  9. MoeIsBetter

    Madden 20 YouTube series w/ Isaiah Simmons and other rookies

    Joined a league that has sim rules. I'm still doing my journey in MSPA but only started filming in season 5 and not many people would have interest in that. I wont be posting weekly updates here, but I did want to give you guys an initial heads up that stuff like this exists for people hungry...
  10. Dr. Jones

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    The Cardinals select: Who? I see: Jeudy, Brown, Lamb, Simmons, Thomas, Wills (not to me but to some) or Wirfs as the most possible targets. I think the Panthers being in front of us could kill our chances for Jeudy, but with the Jags behind us, they may want to swap up to secure Herbert if...
  11. Tyler Jaggi

    How will Kyler Murray fare vs NFL Defenses (Video)

    How will Kyler Murray fare vs NFL Defenses. (Video & Highlights)
  12. Totally_Red

    Who do you WANT the Cardinals to draft if they can't trade down?

    Not who you think they'll take, but your personal preference
  13. Totally_Red

    A vote for Quinnen Williams

    Every time I see this kid make a media appearance I'm more impressed. He was on GMFB this a.m. and they asked why he is the best defender in this draft. He exudes supreme self-confidence without an ounce of arrogance. Seems to have a fantastic personality. I think he has everything to be the...
  14. Totally_Red

    To Steve Keim: Take the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!

    In five years when some reporter asks why you selected player X in the 2019 draft, I don't want to hear some lame response like "It seemed like a good idea at the time." or "He really fit the offense." Ever since the 2007 fiasco of selecting Levi Brown and passing on Adrian Peterson, we've...
  15. Totally_Red

    Your reaction if the Cardinals pick Kyler Murray?

    I tried to span the mix of possible reactions but may have missed yours. If so, just spell it out in a reply. This is isolated from any trade compensation the Cardinals might received for Josh Rosen. This is just your first initial reaction.

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