1. kerouac9

    Week 18 2022: Heroes and Goats

    It's hard for me to get a gauge on J.J. Watt hagiography. He was obviously an exceptional player, but the praise for him always had a concerning valence for me. I don't think he nurtured his image as a Great White Hope; he was just a big, humane dude. I don't know if I'm judging the Beastie...
  2. kerouac9

    Week 15 2022: Heroes and Goats

    I don't know why, but I watched every snap from this game live. It felt like coming home. This is the kind of Arizona Cardinals football longtime fans are used to: boring, low-quality, and meaningless. Team results are subordinate to individual success, and we start fighting over whether the...
  3. kerouac9

    Week 11 2022: Heroes and Goats

    Something very bad is about to happen with our Arizona Cardinals. Yes, the season is over and you're going to see a bunch of players (Byron Murphy, Zach Allen, Darrel Williams) make business decisions about their availability or start efforting outside the scheme because they need to put big...
  4. kerouac9

    Week 8 2022: Heroes and Goats

    The funny thing is that we don't suck. We're not hopeless. We're kind of a Good Bad Team. The Raiders suck and are hopeless. We don't even have the worst head coach in the NFL (probably). It feels like we spent most of the preseason lowering expectations for each other, and we just didn't set...
  5. kerouac9

    Week 4 2022: Heroes and Goats

    So my youngest had another birthday party yesterday afternoon (the second in two weeks!). This time I played the smart game, dumped him off at the venue, and hustled over to the Casual Pint in South Chandler. The NFL TV product has just gotten worse and worse. The in-stadium experience in a...