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Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by Harry, Feb 20, 2021.

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    I like those 3 and would be great for our needs. But there are lots of subs to make something very similar work.
    1. Surtain/Farley, consolation = Horn, Samuel, Campbell, or Newsome
    2. Moore, consolation = Toney-FL, Eskridge-WMich, or Smith-SC
    3. Smith, Meinerz, Hainsey, Banks & lots of OTs that will be playing OG
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    We need to build a dynamic offense. When Kyler hits free agency we will need a core of younger players surrounding him.

    So what do we have/need to do this? I think I’d rather have experience on the o-line now rather than hope we draft a player that would be forced to “ step in”. I would go after a guard or a center in free agency.

    At rb we have Edmonds and big question marks. We will need to either draft a rb in the first or second round or sign a veteran. If Benjamin or Ward is not a real answer then we have to pick up a veteran like Murray or Ingram to fill the void.

    We need a true #2 Wr. Samuel seems to be an ideal fit as long as he can play outside which appears he can do both outside and the slot. I’d like to think we could draft one but I think our first pick will be a cb.

    So much depends on how we handle the free agents. I’m not giving PP21 14/15m a year. Reddick scares me a little because those contract year performances can be deceiving. By cutting Alford and redo Jones we will free up some cap space.

    So, o-line, rb, #2 Wr and cb I see as our biggest needs.
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