'Wheel of Fortune' announces changes, including Pat Sajak's daughter's new role

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'Wheel of Fortune' announces changes, including Pat Sajak's daughter's new role

A week after “Wheel of Fortune” lost its executive producer, as Mike Richards stepped down in a firestorm of controversy, the show has sealed a new deal to keep long-running hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White in place. And as part of the new deal, Sajak will also serve as consulting producer on “Wheel” in addition to his hosting duties.

As part of their contract renewals, Sajak and White are set to continue with the show through at least the 2023-2024 TV season. “Wheel” returns for its 39th season in first-run syndication on Sept. 13; the duo have been with the nighttime show since it began in 1983. (The duo also hosted the daytime network version for some of its run, and host ABC’s “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”)

Another change set to take place this season is the on-camera appearance of “Wheel of Fortune” announcer Jim Thornton, who has been with the show for 10 years and who will now be seen more frequently. Beginning this season, Thornton will now be featured at a new podium on stage as he introduces Sajak and White.

“Wheel of Fortune” will also become more of a family affair this year as Maggie Sajak, Pat’s daughter, will be joining the show’s digital presence as its social correspondent. She’ll be the online host sharing exclusive videos, behind-the-scenes access, and interviews with the hosts, staff, crew, and contestants. “Wheel of Fortune’s” digital channels including its website and pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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