How free agency is changing the 2024 draft with Nate Tice | The Exempt List

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May 8, 2002
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Charles McDonald is joined by Nate Tice to give their thoughts on the latest free agency moves and dive into how free agency has affected the 2024 NFL Draft so far before answering questions from listeners. The duo start with their thoughts on Justin Fields' fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as Charles thinks Russell Wilson accidentally played himself, and they both are concerned about the two quarterbacks fitting into Arthur Smith's offense, which favors a lot of over-the-middle passing. Charles and Nate give their thoughts on Tyron Smith and Derrick Henry signing contracts with the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens respectively. We've seen enough of free agency to know how it impacts the 2024 NFL Draft, and the two hosts give their thoughts on what's changed over the last few weeks, including how it impacts the second tier of quarterbacks (like Michael Penix Jr. and Spencer Rattler), what the Arizona Cardinals will do with pick four, why guards got paid so much, the future of the linebacker position and more. Charles and Nate finish off the show by answering questions submitted from listeners on March Madness, the New York Giants, the worst take they've heard this offseason, board games, Desmond Ridder and more.

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