Week 5 2022: Heroes and Goats

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May 14, 2002
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Don't want to start a new thread for this but I thought it was interesting during the game without Hudson and Harlow having to play C and it was one of the keys to first half vs second half.


Particularly in the first half the Eagles DL dominated upfront and Kyler was so ineffective throwing the ball we couldn't do literally anything. Much of the run defense issue was when Jordan Davis was in the game, most of our first half success running was Conner and it came with Davis not in the game.

In the 2nd half Kyler had 4 carries over 8 YPC and did quite well but the other RB's, Eno and Williams were both 3 YPC in limited carries, we had to open up and throw the ball and mix in runs from Kyler.

Honestly watching the first half I thought we were going to get boatraced it was so obvious Harlow was completely overmatched by Davis and the other interior guys. But in the 2nd half we did a much better job of handling that

I should add the video doesn't even show the play in the 2nd half where Davis just 2 hand shoved Harlow back knocked him down and blew up the play in the redzone. The snaps were good which is always a problem with Hudson but I do feel like not having Hudson was a big factor in that game.
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