The Bottom Line: Offensive Line


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May 15, 2002
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Everything you said is pretty much true...but I tend to put the onus more on the coaches and the system than on Keim. I appreciate that Keim keeps trying and keeps adding depth. At some point the coaching has to stick, and it hasn't, as it's one thing another in too many cases; injuries, slow learning of the playbook, unrealistic expectations (like not giving help against All-Pro pass rushers), mental mistakes, blown assignments, sloppy technique, position changes, etc.

But if these players aren't having success with other teams, how can we say it is our coaching or offense? Look at Bobbie Massie. He is largely the same guy with the Bears as he was with us. If there was talent or potential in these players, they would have shown it somewhere, but they aren't. If no one can get these guys to be any better than the Cardinals got them to be, then the Cardinals got everything out of them and they were just bad selections.

I don't see how the argument can be made any other way.