Ten Takes From Game 1


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Jan 2, 2003
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At this rate, somehow we’ll still be the underdogs even after we win the NBA Championship.

oh... even after we win this title, come October, you better be ready for people to have us be ranked 4th in the preseason... IN OUR OWN DIVISION behind the Lakers, Clippers and Warriors.


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Aug 26, 2012
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I watched some of the media reactions and I'm shocked at just how much they are STILL underrating the Suns.

It's almost like the Suns were the 6th seed the way they talk about them. They talk about Holiday as if he is on par with Paul. They talk about Middleton like he is on par with Booker.

And even more annoying is that they basically act as if the reason game 1 played out the way it did was that Holiday didn't play his A game. Maybe that's because of the Suns outstanding defense?

The Suns aren't the Hawks; this is probably the best defensive team the Suns have ever fielded! It starts with Bridges on the perimeter and Ayton in the middle. Crowder is a good defender and so is Paul. Booker has improved dramatically. Even the twin Cams aren't bad on defense. Team defense was the reason the Bucks struggled a bit on offense.

On offense the Suns constantly dictate match ups. Brook Lopez is nearly unplayable on the defensive end.
The Suns aren't the Hawks as you said. The Bucks haven't faced a single team in these playoffs that can remotely match the defense the Suns can play.

Due to the Nets being injured they also haven't faced an offense that is quite as good as the Suns either.

The Suns on the other hand have faced 2 better defenses than the Bucks in both LA teams and 2 offenses that are at least on par with the Bucks in the Clippers (best shooting team in the playoffs) and the Nuggets (led by possibly the best offensive player in the league).

The Suns are simply battle tested at this point and the Bucks IMO have not been tested nearly to the extent that the Suns have been. The Suns are potentially 1 good half of basketball away from breaking the Bucks and blowing this series open.