RIP: Mills Lane (1937-2022)

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May 13, 2002
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Mills Lane, boxing referee who officiated Tyson-Holyfield rematch, dies at age 85​

RENO, Nev. -- Mills Lane, who rose to fame first as a boxer, then referee, Washoe County district attorney and judge, died Tuesday morning in Reno.

Lane was 85 years old.

His son, Tommy Lane, told the Reno Gazzette Journal that Mills Lane died after being in hospice for the past week.

Mills Lane suffered a stroke 20 years ago.

"He took a significant decline in his overall situation," Tommy Lane said. "It was a quick departure. He was comfortable and he was surrounded by his family."

His family wife Kay and sons Terry and Tommy were with him when he died.

"You never knew how long he had. We kind of felt like we were preparing for this all along., but there's no such thing as preparing for this," Tommy Lane said.

Tommy Lane said they spent the past few days watching several of Mills Lane's favorite movies, including "The Godfather," "On The Waterfront," "Patton" and "Shane."