OT: Carson Wentz released

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Feb 5, 2003
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Here is a chance for Monti to play 4D chess.

Is there any team that is willing to sign Wentz as a starter right now? Probably not....so he will get a chance to play in the preseason, and then have to wait until a potential injury occurs to get a shot.


We sign him to a VERY VERY team friendly deal, and tell him "You are going to operate as the starter until Kyler comes back, or we trade you".

We would give Wentz an offseason, Preseason, and probably 6+ games as a starter to try and show he still has something in the tank. Im not sure when the trade deadline is, but I dont think Wentz gets a chance to play as much early in the season anywhere else.

Best case scenario, he plays well and we are able to trade him for a mid round pick.

Worst case scenario, he plays out the year as our backup and we move on
Nah, worst case scenario is he plays like poop early on which he has shown, and we look like idiots for giving him a roster spot... I do not want Monti playing tic tac toe