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Jan 7, 2003
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Orlando, FL
My grandfather would have said this game was a case of chickens coming home to roost. If you don’t speak country, he meant these occurrences were easy to anticipate. If a player can’t look forward to winning, the NFL season can seem very long.

The Good News

The Cards did a good job of running the ball considering the loss of Connor. This came as a result of good play design and improved O-line blocking. Dobbs did not have a good overall game, but he had a fine game as a runner. Williams looked like a good addition at RB. The Cards finally remembered McBride was on the team. He’s rarely the main target and since Dobbs rarely uses progressions, he just gets plenty of exercise. Sadly Wilson is following the same pattern. I’d love to see what would happen if they were each getting 7 targets a game. Prater continues to be a solid weapon. Dortch is still looking solid on punt returns. He played some snaps, but no real targets.

On defense I thought Hamilton had a decent game. He’s one of their best open field tacklers. Gardeck continues to impress me with his hustle. On the whole I thought the pass rush was decent and at times excellent, but they still leave a midfield running lane.

The Bad News

It starts again this week with Dobbs. It was what’s becoming the usual stuff. He displayed terrible footwork, no progressions, no field vision, throwing into double coverage and no sense of an impending hit coming. I was curious why there weren’t more rollout passes, 2-man games and screens to slow the pass rush. The Cards got run happy in the red zone, likely because they feared Dobbs passing. I’m not sure why they didn’t at least try to target the TEs in the red zone. Dobbs also stays too upright running a QB sneak

Speaking of disappointing performances, Moore may not know where the line to gain is, but I’ve never seen a player with better awareness of where the field boundary line is. He is most effective when running misdirection plays. Sadly the Cards didn’t try any of those with him.

The shallowness of the DL became evident as the game wore on. By the second half the DL was pushed all over the field. They just don’t have the personnel.

Clark took a significant amount of post game abuse. He did play like a rookie, but keep in mind Kupp has schooled far more experienced CBs. At least Clark challenged him.

Cards once again committed some careless penalties, but even without them the Cards lose. Tackling was sloppy, especially Wallace. Humphries had his worst game of the season.

The Cards got out-coached. There was too much jumping around right before the snap; confusion. The Cards tried to pull linemen, but the Rams’ DL just went straight to the QB. I don’t like fair catching at the 7. Demercado needed more carries. Hard to intercept with that much cushion. Ojulari got a good view of several plays. Just several small points that collectively made for a generally weak performance.


Sep 21, 2002
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Nashville TN.
I also noticed Wallace bouncing off the RB rather than wrap up. Although the worst was Fotu getting run over like he was a skinny safety.


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Sep 14, 2002
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North Carolina
Thanks Harry. This all is because of a lack of talent and it falls on Monti. With no good defensive linemen and no good corners it’s hard to defend against any team. The strength of the defense was at safety and they are both hurt. It’s time for a quarterback change. Bring in Tune and get Murray practicing for the next two weeks. Murray needs to play at least 8 games this year to see if he can be our starter going forward.


Sep 2, 2002
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Don’t be too hard on Ossenfort yet. His plan was getting the best picks possible in 2024. If he chooses well, he may be right. If not fire away!
The roster construction would surely indicate as much.

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