Heroes and Goats: Hard Knocks In Season Episode 1


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Jan 10, 2019
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Right? It's like a Rorschach test for fans.

Considering the sparseness of the rest of the apartment and the little we know of Kliff's personality does he seem like a guy that's big into star signs?

I'd bet my last dollar that picture was a gift from his girlfriend.

Girlfriend - "I saw it at the store and I know your a Leo and you know you're my King babe. And it fits that space so well. I just had to buy it".

Kliff - "Err great. I love it" (While watching film on a tablet)

Fans - "Kliff is an ego maniac that thinks he's the lion king and believes in astrology".
Well you know he wasn't watching film of the defense his next opponent runs lol. He doesn't know how to attack a defensive weakness, just runs the same plays over & over expecting to catch the defense off guard.


Jan 10, 2020
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He got mad about "What you seeing"? Because he thought it was another joke about his height lol. Kyler said something about throwing him the ball after that yet he only targeted him once after that, I believe it was the TD catch overturned by the Robbie Anderson false start & that was it?

Yeah I was thinking the same.

His last official target was 14:18 in Q3. A short 4 yard pass (is there any other kind?).


Mar 8, 2015
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I believe it was Hopkins Bidwill "predicted". No way that was on the TD pass and he saw Hopkins was going to be open on a crosser.

I was astounded how little Kyler there was. I watched the Colts one too and there was a tonne of Wentz. The show is often built around leaders and they often set the tone with the big names which is always the QB. I don't think we saw anything at all from Kyler direct to camera.

Kyler shouting "Calm the **** down" to Hopkins calmly telling him he was open was funny. Hopkins wasn't even mad, just telling him. Kyler looked mad at being questioned on "What you seeing?"

I thought Cam Turner looked weak. All the other position coaching got a little screen time of them coaching out their room. Cam Turner sat there like a beaten wife in every shot.

What I was really hoping for here was to be shown something that made me think my instincts were wrong, and sadly I wasn't.
Cmon guys. This is not a Cardinals production. I really don't think Bidwill is editing the show to make himself look like a genius. It's really quite believable he did call out a play here or there that went as expected. After all I would hope he is getting something out of his film sessions.

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Sep 14, 2002
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Haters gonna hate, but Hard Knocks is freaking awesome. I watched the premier of the Indy Colts series from last season just so I can do a compare and contrast. That episode started with Carson Wentz at home after a win with his pregnant wife and young daughter. It also featured undersized LB Darius Shaq Leonard with his young daughter. Then epically shot game film from a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Some of this is paint-by-numbers for people who are veterans of the series. A lot of it is scripted (like the awkward conversation/dinner between Deandre Hopkins and Isaiah Simmons at some nameless but cool-as-heck-seeming restaurant somewhere — LMK if you recognized it) or at least staged, but the moments in the locker rooms, meeting rooms, and practice fields are as real as you're going to get on TV.


DeAndre Hopkins
- At least early, he's set up to be the star of the series. He has a great presence, and he might be the most charismatic person on the team right now (definitely on the offense). His question to WR coach Shawn Jefferson, "Can I still make the Hall of Fame" was misunderstood to mean is he still on pace. He was asking if he still qualifies after his suspension. Amazing guy.

Budda Baker's Little Sister - Lots of screen time for a young woman who doesn't have much to say. Fingers crossed that she gets accepted to :checks notes: Arizona State. Where she's always wanted to go. LOL!

Vance Joseph - Got a good edit and puts off strong "leader of men" vibes that aren't that dissimilar from Steve Wilks. He knows what the problem is with the defense and we'll never know why we can't cover a bootleg when we've seen it "Fourteen times in three games." It's troubling that the only solution that we get to see from coaching is "try harder" and "hustle more."


Kliff Kingsbury
- YIKES. It's not gonna help the memes that he doesn't tie his shoes when addressing the coaches' meeting, his house looks like he just moved in and still only has all his dorm room furniture, and he looks like a guy whose time has run out at the front of the room. When he congratulated Kyler at the end of the Raiders game, it looked like they were meeting for the first time.

Michael Bidwill - I'm 100% certain that Michael thinks that he came off as smart and cool last night, with his jet and fancy electric truck and sitting next to Governor Doug. Instead, he seemed like exactly the kind of dim bulb failson who thinks he's smart and cool because he's surrounded himself with people on his payroll. How hard do you think he fought to include the shot where here "predicts" Budda will make a play?

Kyler Murray - Opening shot is Kyler Murray stomping alone into the lockerroom and everyone tiptoeing around him after a loss. His talking head is about how quiet Budda Baker is before we watch him talk constantly throughout the rest of the episode. When Budda breaks a huddle, Kyler is standing on the outside. In film session, it feels like he's making a reaction video to his own failures (he should have been seeing these for the third or fourth time). Does Kyler Murray even know anyone on the team?
they were at Baconara which is awesome. that conversation was hard to watch. I did come away thinking the team could fire kliff and make Vance the head coach and probably be about the same.

Kliff's house looks like an awesome location, terrible art work/decorations.

Gov. Ducey appears to be the most awkward guy to bring to a football game. of course it would be awkward to be at a game with your friend who has earbuds in while you're watching the game with him.