Grant Hill wins 3rd NBA Sportsmanship Award


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May 27, 2007
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Granite Creek
From Coro's blog:

Phoenix Suns update:

It's almost like the NBA Sportsmanship Award was created for Grant Hill.

During his second NBA season in 1995-96, Hill saw Detroit teammates Joe Dumars win the inaugural NBA Sportsmanship Award that would eventually have its trophy named after Dumars in 2000.

Now, Hill is the only player to win the award three times. Hill was the only player to win the award twice before the NBA players selected him again this season over the other five divisional finalists. Last year's winner, Denver's Chauncey Billups, was second, followed by Boston's Ray Allen, Cleveland's Antawn Jamison, Atlanta's Al Horford and Houston's Luis Scola.

Hill received 96 of 315 possible first-place votes and was in the top two on 184 ballots. He also won as a Suns player for the 2007-08 season and as an Orlando player in 2004-05. Hill chose the WellCare Foundation to receive the $10,000 donation that comes with the award, which is given for "ethical behavior, fair play and integrity."

Hill was most pleased for what it would show his 8-year-old daughter, Myla.

"I have a daughter now who's into sports and she's really supercompetitve," Hill said. "It's cool to get this and she is sort of understanding the reasons why I'm getting it. She can be a little bit of a sore loser. Hopefully, she can learn from this and understand (about) playing the right way and doing things the right way. Obviously, when she does well most of the time, she's excited. But she strikes out or she has a bad performance, she must get it from her mom."


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Jun 28, 2008
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Yeah Grant rules! Coach will find time for Clark next year, don't worry. We can go with both Clark and either Grant or Duds on the floor at the same time.

We also have Barbosa who should get considered for the award.

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May 2, 2010
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Much like Derek Jeter, I'd be hard pressed to find a non supporter of Grant Hill. It's a shame that he never got to fulfill all the promise that was his NBA Career. That ankle cost him so many games. Kudos that he has gotten over that and remains a useful player in the league. The consumate professional, he is all about winning, always was.