Bill Simmons: "What if..."


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Nov 3, 2004
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eh, i've analyzed that What If for us for quite a while and doesnt get me worked up anymore....just really really really really sad.

we are screwed in a couple years, but could have built ourselves a championship contending team for years that was pretty affordable. oh well, thinking shortsighted hurts sometimes.


May 9, 2007
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At least they didn't sell their draft picks.

Yes they did. You can't blame Sarver for the selling of the Andre Iguodala draft pick. Bryan was the GM and JC was still in full control of the franchise.
The Suns have one of the highest winning percentages of any team in professional sports. And "Jerry" was at the helm for most of it.

Hello double standard! I thought winning in the regular season wasn't good enough? All that matters is a championship? Right?

By the way, to date the team has a 70% winning percentage in the regular season since Sarver took over. Which is just a hair above the all-time percentage of 55.8% but who's counting?
No kidding. With all the bad penny pinching owners who don't care about their teams or just wanted to turn a buck...he trashes JC?? I would rather have an owner who tries and fails then an owner who doesn't try, pockets dough and just doesn't care. Give me a freaking break.

I'm not trashing JC, I think he was a fantastic owner. I'm showing you that Sarver and JC aren't all that much different; in fact it actually appears that Sarver has DEEPER pockets than JC. Do you want to take a guess what the highest payroll in Suns history is?

The biggest irony is how BC got executive of the year for the 2004/2005 season, when really looking back at it he made HORRIBLE moves and BAD decisions. They should delay those awards for a couple years heh.