Arizona Cardinals sign OL Dennis Daley


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Sep 16, 2002
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I was under the impression (based on Hard Knocks & other info that came out at the time) that Hamilton thought the ball carrier had stepped out of bounds & didn't want to get penalized for a late hit. Not that he quit on the play or made a business decision not to tackle him in a lost cause.

Still a mistake, but big difference in what it says about Hamilton as a player and what can be expected of him going forward. He seemed pretty distraught about it on HK or wherever the footage was that I saw shortly after the game.

Doesn't seem at all like Hamilton to deliberately let the guy run by him, from what we know about him. But then... who knows, I guess. :shrug:
Having watched Hard Knocks I have zero recollection of what can only be called a convenient fabrication at best. At no time did kittle appear to be out of bounds to support that. Aikman was 100% correct in calling him out. If I do recall correctly he even mea culpa’ed in hard knocks it was on him and he has to be better. That was pure embarrassment. Nothing less.